party bro

“If they only knew…”

stop it, they already do, and anyway you’re missing the point

“see, this is the smoking gun, and if…”

the smoking gun is they’re not getting fed and going stir crazy, you dumb bastard, and spending your money on plane tickets to get to speaking engagements won’t fix that

“but once people realize, they’ll rise up, and…”

“the people” know a lot more about getting fucked than you do, friend, and they’re probably more ready to rise up than you

see, because for you this is still just academic, and “the people” are the ones you’d recognize in the mirror, not, you know, most of the rest of the planet

and maybe it is for me too

but I gave up on that peak moment that never arrives

and the utopia that isn’t coming

neither the revolution nor the insurrection

or heaven or the resurrection

but we might still manage to end the world on our watch

our world anyway

and if we pulled that off the dogs might finally have a good reason to shake our hands

if they hadn’t gone feral already

I’m still here in the city, symbol of my abandoned pursuit of status

and you’re still ordering food from some shitty chain restaurant, unable to draw the line between the thing you’re railing against and the thing you’re shoving down your gullet

it feels revolutionary because you’re sitting in the back, in the dark, with a bunch of people who agree with you

but so are the kids snorting coke in the next room

you dumbass


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