Fuck the center anyway

“I wish I could afford that” but if only you knew how she lived

Wild & free embracing precarity

You dumb bastards act like it’s a problem

Like the way you get fed makes any goddamned sense anyway

“But my kids and my mortgage and” every other stupid mistake you made, like the number our society did on you is my problem

“Oh but it’s only for white/rich/college-attending/East Coast/trust fund/there-must-be-some-kind-of-goddamn-catch-and-I’ll-call-you-on-it-if-it-kills-me-goddammit” people like all my friends aren’t

We’re just as poor as you, thing is, we’re not complaining

It ain’t luck and it ain’t privilege, it’s knowledge and sacrifice

but no, you’re right, it’s some mean trick I played on you, so go get back on your grind, that cream and that axe too, and keep working for the man and keep acting like there’s some other reason that you can’t haul off and drop out other than you haven’t yet

or just join us (you won’t beat us, we’re already beat)

it’s better down here

we have snacks


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