What the world is coming to

I have mentioned the Pentagon’s 2003 report on abrupt climate change frequently, here and elsewhere, because it is an incredibly revealing and important document that I feel hasn’t been given the attention it deserves.

It deserves attention for a few reasons- the first is the severity of the situation it describes, and the fact that scientists consider the scenario “plausible”. The second is that many of its predictions came to pass shortly after the report was written, years earlier than the report predicted them.

From the report:

By 2005 the climatic impact of the shift is felt more intensely in certain regions around the world. More severe storms and typhoons bring about higher storm surges and floods in low-lying islands such as Tarawa and Tuvalu (near New Zealand).

It happened by 2004, in Indonesia.

In 2007, a particularly severe storm causes the ocean to break through levees in the Netherlands making a few key coastal cities such as The Hague unlivable.

Try New Orleans, 2005.

After roughly 60 years of slow freshening, the thermohaline collapse begins in 2010, disrupting the temperate climate of Europe, which is made possible by the warm flows of the Gulf Stream (the North Atlantic arm of the global thermohaline conveyor).  Ocean circulation patterns change, bringing less warm water north and causing an immediate shift in the weather in Northern Europe and eastern North America.

Oh, hey, wasn’t there that thing…

“We have seen in recent years that snow in Western Europe is not such an exceptional circumstance.”

And that whole “snowpocalypse” thing on the east coast…

Oh, wait, this is the second time in 2010 that’s happened…

Not to mention the floods in Southern California and India, the fires from the heatwave in Russia

Need more? Here’s a real sign of the times for you- FreakyWeather.com.

And meanwhile, these shameless propagandists are still playing schoolyard games with semantics. “HURRRP ALGORE SAYS IT’S GLOBAL WARMING BUT DERE’S SNOW ON THE GROUND?? HAR HAR WUT UP WITH THAT?!” One of their idiot man-child reporters had the temerity to ask a climate expert if all that snow would impact global warming.

Read the linked PDF and look at the links I’ve left for you. Extreme and “unpredictable” weather is a predicted and expected consequence of global warming. It’s right there in the Pentagon report. The language is easy to digest.

A common feature of all the linked news stories is this idea of “unusual” weather. Unpredicted severity. Surprise attacks by mother nature. Yet scientists have been saying this would happen for decades. What is surprising about all this extreme weather, exactly, when so many people saw it coming? Why is no attention paid to that dimension of the current situation?

Much like in the financial crisis of 2008, the media will incorrectly claim that nobody saw this coming. That nobody could have possibly foreseen how bad it would be. And on and on. They are lying now, and they will be lying then.

The prediction for what might happen to the world if events continue proceeding along current trend lines are right there in the Pentagon report. Do yourself a favor and get up to speed, so you, too, can stopped being surprised by all of this.


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