We’re going to lose.

Climate change treaty negotiations will all fail. The tech will not come fast enough to save us. We will have resource wars, droughts, sea level rise, mass migration, whole metropoli of refugee tent cities, and increased martial law the world over.

They will take the Internet away from us and turn it into a sick, ugly propaganda machine requiring a license for broadcast. People are and will remain too dumb to realize that their own computer hardware could keep the internet free if they weren’t so irrationally frightened of it.

Indigenous and land dependent peoples will at last be wiped out entirely, subjugated to the mores of technocratic bureaucratized non-cultures.

We will raise a generation in the rubble and they will not recognize it for what it is. They will get on with their lives. The elites will all have a great laugh at our expense when they finally get rid of paper money. Nobody will realize what it all means.

Human society will end in a slow building high-pitched whimper– the sound of scared rats watching walls close in on them, too stupid to figure out who’s pushing on them from the outside.

When the mansions start to burn, it will be too late.

Principiis Obsta, friends.


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