Is anyone surprised about the description of Berlusconi? And who gives a shit, anyway?

First of all, it figures that Your Liberal Media™ would focus more on the petty, salacious bullshit found in the leaked cables from Wikileaks than the heavier stuff, like all of America’s secret operations in the Middle East, the coverups of drone strikes, diplomats engaging in spying, our attempts to get rid of Pakistan’s nuclear weapons, state-sanctioned hacking by China, and everything in the cables that’s actually serious and meaningful.

No. Our media (and Britain’s media– I’m listening to the BBC) focuses on the gossipy, personality-based nonsense of no consequence.

I’ve heard the Berlusconi quote dozens of times. Who gives a shit? He’s a rich, spoiled media magnate, and everyone knows he’s “feckless” and “vain” and “throws wild parties”. All of this is public knowledge, not worth repeating in the context of things like this.

Nobody’s asking about the stuff in the cables. They’re only asking about the cables. And the media coverage so far has added nothing valuable to the public discourse that you couldn’t get yourself by reading the cables.

If the press isn’t going to do anything of value, they shouldn’t be allowed to complain about declining audiences.


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