Protofascists. Consequences.

So a bunch of “Tea Party” endorsed candidates won last night.

The “Tea Party”, as so few remember, was created from whole cloth by the Koch family using Rick Santelli of CNBC as a stooge. Remember this?

Probably not. And you probably never saw this. And if you didn’t see either of those, you probably haven’t read this piece, about what it all means.

The Tea Party are America’s brownshirts.  Multi-national corporations are circling the wagons to establish a fascist Christian theocracy right here in America, and the Tea Party are the foot soldiers.

It’s possible that they will fail, that Americans are saner than I give them credit for, and that electing balls-out lunatics in the primaries will simply turn into more Democratic victories. But the whole thing sure looks fishy from where I’m standing.

I’m just going to leave this post here, as a barometer, so that it’s in the public record, and so nobody can say they weren’t warned.


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