More like this, please

I ❤ The Real I.R.A.

I once had a political science teacher who, right after all the imaginary wealth from the 00’s disappeared, said that we should string up just one of the bankers responsible in a public, gruesome way. I agree, wholeheartedly, and I wish more people were as smart as this professor. I believe we missed an opportunity in this regard.

If The Real I.R.A. succeeds in blowing one of these fucks to smithereens, or better, a whole building full of them, you’ll find me dancing in the streets shortly thereafter.

Let me be clear: I believe that in many cases, the global economic crisis of 2007-2008 was anticipated and perpetrated by the financial sector. I believe they committed pre-meditated crimes, the consequence of which was death for many, and the punishment for which should be death for at least one.

Further, I believe in justice, and that justice is often not brought by governments, especially when they are owned by the criminals in question.

For publishing this opinion (I think), some cowards have attempted to silence this blog twice, as petty and small as it is, rather than responding to what I’ve written. As they’ve obviously failed to have it taken down, I’d like to invite them (or even you, dear reader!) to use the comments section to express your disagreement, instead of lunging for the “report” button.


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